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The Garden

The Garden

Grow your own food, self sufficiency

Community sharing and gardening in urban spaces, back to allotment gardening for all ages

Low maintenance gardening - compact planting, mixed vegetables and flowers for small spaces

Plant for the long term effect - -Slow gardening” for posterity –no more instant effect make-overs!

Meadow and natural planting for wild life and saving the bees

Heritage plants and trees - save the endangered species

Recycle what you can - compost & mulch, use bamboo or coir pots

Dry gardening and minimise the need for watering

Use quality made tools and materials that do the job properly!

Delux Secateurs Leather  20cm   BacSac   Green Wall x   Guilloard Oval Watering Cans  
Delux Secateurs Leather 20cm > BacSac > Green Wall x > Guilloard Oval Watering Cans > 
Copper Tool - Handtools   Red Cedar Seed Trays  
Copper Tool - Handtools  > Red Cedar Seed Trays  > 



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