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without colours

without-trends colour palettes are a tool to aid the choice of colour combinations in both design and forward buying.

Our palettes are intended as guidance and inspiration to decide colour choices that are relevant to your design, consistent with forward trends and practical for implementation.

They should be read as indicators of colour relationships and interactions and not as indicators of individual absolute colour choices.

The excitement, and challenge, of colours is that they trigger perceptions that vary not only with the physical environment and cultural conditions but also with the presence of other colours themselves.

We specify our colours as RGB values and we give them names. This defines them precisely as a physical value and also by association with our visual world.

without-trends base colours are defined as a mix of red green and blue light (RGB) - this is how they are delivered on your screen. What you actually see depends on your screen, its calibration and your light environment.

We have selected the nearest RGB values that are defined in the standard index of the NCS® Colour System. With the aid of colour samples available from NCS® you can verify the ‘true colour’ in daylight conditions.

The actual colours that you select will of course be dependent on your method of production. For convenience, we have selected also a Pantone® Uncoated reference and provided its CMYK value. The actual colours that you arrive at finally will be determined by your print process.

Finally we have also suggested a suitable RAL® colour for paint finishes.

The without-trends colour palettes are presented as follows - a base palette of 8 colours for each theme plus supplementary colours for highlights and focus – then for each theme we have illustrated three colour combos selected from the theme palette.



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