without dawn
 dawn ncs index rgb  pantone cmyk  ral ral name
 pea pod green S 2030 G70Y 179.188.112  618 UP  1020 olive yellow
 mist grey S 2005 G50Y 189.194.175  7536 UP  7030 stone grey
 dark olive S 5010 G30Y 95.114.85  5605 UP  7009 green grey
 seed beige S 1505 Y30R 231.217.189  7501 UP  9002 grey white
 dead white S 0502 Y 255.253.237  7485 UP  9003 signal white
 skin pink S 2020 Y70R 225.158.132  487 UP  3014 antique pink
 pale yellow S 1020 Y 244.226.156  7402 UP  1015 light ivory
 nut S 6010 Y30R 123.88.62  7603 UP  1011 brown beige
 cricket green S 0575 G70Y 203.219.43  yellow U  1018 zinc yellow
 pale olive S 1020 G40Y 200.225.164  365 UP  6019 pastel green
 green shoot S 2050 G40Y 130.178.87  7490 UP  6018 yellow green
 pale lavender S 1030 R60B 183.177.216  2705 UP  4009 pastel violet
 putty grey S 2002 Y 192.196.185  400 UP  7044 silk grey
 dark violet S 5020 R50B 103.80.115  519 UP  4005 blue lilac



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regeneration palette
The softest touch of light and dew on a palette of pale hues of pink, green, yellow ,brown and grey.

Stone and wood, rusty metal, hillside summer wild flowers, all things natural and unadorned

Grow your own - re construct, re-use , 50's post war recovery.

Minimalist design using affordable materials.

Reconstituted , re-invented, re -covered, repaired, restored.
pea pod green
mist grey
dark olive
seed beige
dead white
skin pink
pale yellow
cricket green
pale olive
green shoot
pale lavender
putty grey
dark violet
regeneration palette
without trends
   without austerity
      metallic grey
   without authenticity
      pompeii rose
      venetian terracotta
   without cosmos
      sunset red
   without regeneration
without ideas
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   austerity palette
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   cosmos palette
   regeneration palette