without sunset red
 sunset red ncs index rgb  pantone cmyk  ral ral name
 midnight S 8010 B10G 0.20.38  296 UP  5004 black blue
 gold S 1070 Y10R 254.193.52  1235 UP  1037 sun yellow
 orange S 0580 Y50R 243.112.42  7597 UP  2008 bright red orange
 cloud white S 0515 R60B 247.246.251  7541 UP  9016 traffic white
 blue S 4050 R90B 0.66.122  655 UP  5017 traffic blue
 cloud pink S 1020 Y90R 250.190.177  169 UP  3014 antique pink
 aqua green S 2555 B30G 0.147.145  7718 UP  5021 water blue
 red S 1085 Y90R 225.27.50  199 UP  3020 traffic red
 sea green S 3555 B80G 0.122.91  3298 UP  6026 opal green
 deep blue sea S3560 R90B 0.116.190  2935 UP  5015 sky blue
 oriol gold S 0585 Y20R 249.157.29  151 UP  1037 sun yellow
 turquoise S 1050 B10G 0.189.215  312 UP  0000 no ral match



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cosmos palette
sunset red
Hot and burning sunset colours:

predominantly reds, yellows and orange

Reminiscent of Great Dixter red hot borders but stronger and brighter.

Subdued with black, sage greens and blues.

These colours to be viewed at night and day.

Jewel mixes of clashing colours with strong floral shapes.

Big, tall spires of colour and pattern

Night lit gardens for atmospheric magic.

Nocturnal, dark and secretive.

Hidden treasures of colour, shapes and shadows

Optical illusions


Celestial quality of light and colour
cloud white
cloud pink
aqua green
sea green
deep blue sea
oriol gold
cosmos palette
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