without venetian terracotta
 venetian terracotta ncs index rgb  pantone cmyk  ral ral name
 sahara sand S 1030 Y10K 250.214.133  7403 UP  1017 saffron yellow
 ochre S 3050 Y40R 202.109.57  174 UP  8001 ochre brown
 lavender blue S 4040 R70B 74.85.145  7673 UP  5007 brilliant blue
 fuschia S 2060 R20B 197.50.107  214 UP  4010 telemagenta
 olive grey S 3010 G 135.164.149  5635 UP  6021 pale green
 bullrush S 6010 Y50R 112.79.64  7589 UP 0635.40.68  8011 nut brown
 donkey black S 7005 Y50R 65.54.48  6 UP  8017 choc brown
 terracotta pink S 2060 Y80R 218.78.70  200 UP  2010 signal orange
 brick red S 2570 Y90R 164.13.27  7623 UP  3001 signal red
 venetian red S 5040 R10B 101.5.36  1817 UP  4004 claret violet
 fortuny pink S 3050 R30B 152.45.105  216 UP  4006 traffic purple
 doge blue S 4050 R70B 47.49.146  2755 UP  5005 signal blue



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authenticity palette
venetian terracotta
Dense subdued and faded colours with highlights of strong and bold contrasting hues

Rich textures in both planting, textiles ,ceramics and hard landscaping

Woven, plaited, inlaid patterns - sharp, geometric shapes for planting and hardware

Amphora, modern interpretations of old and original shapes
Exotic planting amongst classic surroundings . Eastern promise

The Silk road - tactile, romantic and rich sumptuous exuberance
sahara sand
lavender blue
olive grey
donkey black
terracotta pink
brick red
venetian red
fortuny pink
doge blue
authenticity palette
without trends
   without austerity
      metallic grey
   without authenticity
      pompeii rose
      venetian terracotta
   without cosmos
      sunset red
   without regeneration
without ideas
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