without stone
 stone ncs index rgb  pantone cmyk  ral ral name
 putty grey S 2502 Y 183.183.170  7536 U  7032 pebble grey
 sand S 2010 Y 201.190.155  453 U  1001 beige
 sea grey S 4020 B10G 79.126.136  5473 UP  5025 pearl gentian blue
 charcoal S 7502 G 56.62.62  433 UP  7031 blue grey
 silver S 2002 B50G 177.188.186  421 UP  9006 white aluminium
 prune grey S 4030 R60B 91.86.134  5265 UP  5023 distant blue
 rust red S 1580 Y90R 206.23.45  186 UP  3020 traffic red
 dark black S 8500 N 51.55.51  Process black U  9004 signal black
 ruby S 1085 Y90R 225.27.50  199 UP  3031 orient red
 dark emerald S 5030 B50G 0.102.104  7476 UP  6033 mint turquoise
 warm grey S 6500 N 119.117.115  11 UP  7048 pearl mouse grey
 olive putty S 2005 B80G 176.196.185  5575 UP  6034 pastel turquoise
 walnut S 3020 Y20R 188.152.105  465 UP  1002 sand yellow
 smokey purple S 6010 R30B 108.78.93  5185 UP  4005 blue lilac
 chameleon green S 2070 G40Y 99.168.59  362 UP  6018 yellow green



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austerity palette
without metallic grey
without surprise
without stone
Unadorned, stark natural colours - black, sand ,cool grey, slate and sage green

Reclaimed materials - metals, stoneware, shingle pebbles,slate and wood

Reflective subdued planting in neutrals across the pale greens, greys, soft yellows and white

Secretive , restored , uncluttered spaces within spaces.

Pure, original and untouched, worn surfaces. Old and ancient sculptural geometrics - Aztec , medieval wood work.

Metallic matt surfaces - glimmer not glitter - natural stone or volcanic grey basalt for weathered but durable and long lasting beauty.
putty grey
sea grey
prune grey
rust red
dark black
dark emerald
warm grey
olive putty
smokey purple
chameleon green
austerity palette
without trends
   without austerity
      metallic grey
   without authenticity
      pompeii rose
      venetian terracotta
   without cosmos
      sunset red
   without regeneration
without ideas
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without colours
   austerity palette
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   cosmos palette
   regeneration palette